abril 7, 2020

Why taking a Digital Marketing Program changed my perspective on what’s possible.

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

For the last five years, the technology company my husband and I founded, has been steadily growing. As business owners of a small company, we have been wearing so many different hats every single day! We are in charge of administrative work, sales, customer service, operations, human resources, and, of course, marketing (or so we thought!).

At the stage the company is right now, I realize that we have to be more organized but most of all, more focused. We have to upgrade how we do our marketing.

These are uncertain times, and I am sure that the effects of the imminent recession, will have a significant impact on companies like ours. More than ever, companies will begin to seek to make their processes much more efficient, making greater use of technology to be more productive and achieve real results that generate sales. 

I am not a digital marketing expert, and our job has been empirical.

I have spent the last few weeks wondering what to do. How to use technology to communicate a more precise and more relevant message? How to describe the benefits and differential values ​​of our services to our customers and, of course, how to generate and increase results (quality leads, sales and revenue)?.

After much thought, I concluded that I needed to understand by myself, all the nuts and bolts of adequately managing and implementing digital marketing strategies.  So I decided to take an online course.  

A few days of research led me to find Udacity and its Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program. The best decision I have made in years! It took me three months of hard work and dedication to finish the program. It completely changed my perspective of what is possible to do with the right technology tools.    

The whole vision of our marketing strategy shifted. I finally understand, and I have the proper knowledge to do the job while we overcome this recession.    

I am going to be in charge of this job right now; I will try to improve the results and keep learning. I am hopeful that once we get through these tough times, we will be able to hire a company to do the job, but this time I know what we need and what to ask for because now, I know how it works!



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